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Our vision is to deliver a service of excellence that exceeds the needs and expectation of our customers. We’re striving hard to become a market leader in the transportation industry of which others aspire to follow and also intended to boost employee motivation and loyalty to the company.Our vision with OXA Cab is to become compatible with high-quality transport by taxi, and simultaneously to offer day by day even better service to our passengers and our partners.



Our mission is to provide the most affordable, safe and clean taxi service in the city, also ensuring complete security of the passenger during the ride. We strive for perfection and in doing so accomplish excellence in quality service and customer service. There are already many problems with the taxi services currently in operation and we hope that by including an alternative to the services, the public will really appreciate our efforts.

Inspirational Leadership


Rahul Sarawgee


Mr. Rahul Sarawgee is the founder of OXA Cab. He is a goal oriented individual and a passionate leader with excellent management skills. With OXA, he aims to provide the most affordable, safe and clean taxi service in the city. Also, with the inclusion of a Pink taxi exclusively for women’s, he also support the cause of women’s safety since this is an issue which needs urgent attention due to the number of incidents took place in recent times. Apart from OXA, Mr. Rahul Sarawgee is also the Director of SARAWGEE DREAMS MEDIA AND EDUCARE PRIVATE LIMITED. With OXA, Rahul Sarawgee , with his team, is committed to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible for all the passengers.

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Sarawgee Dreams Media And Educare Private Limited

Sarawgee Dreams Media And Educare Private Limited is an listed private company incorporated on 13 March, 2018. The registered office of the company is at 135, C- Sector Indrapuri, BHEL, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The longest serving directors currently on board are Rahul Sarawgee and Rajesh Kumar Gupta who were appointed on 13 March, 2018. They have been on the board for 1 years and 2 months. Rahul Sarawgee has the largest number of other directorships with a seat at a total of 1 companies. In total, the company is connected to other companies through its directors